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Insights from the Diversity and Decolonising Circle

In this webinar, the members of the DAF Diversity and Decolonising Circle will be discussing some learnings and personal changes that have come out of their work. Read More

Work, self-exploitation, and time

Lately someone shared an article in the DAF Slack workspace by the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “The Tiredness Virus“. It made me think of some conversations I had with several other Deep Adaptation volunteers on the topic of how we (globalised modern humans) are “in” time and “with” timeā€¦ This part felt quite striking: “Work, no Read More

How I abandoned the field of offshore finance and became a Deep Adaptation volunteer

How I became active as a Deep Adaptation volunteer, and eventually started talking about Deep Adaptation in the context of an adult education course. Read More

How I found my way and a role to play in the Deep Adaptation Forum

How I became a moderator in various Deep Adaptation groups, and started to be involved in making DA spaces safer. Read More